Aircraft Registration

Futuramax's aircraft registration service helps aircraft owners to protect their assets. Register your plane and setup an owner entity.

Aircraft Registration

Benefits of registering an aircraft using a company structure

Placing your aircraft into a tailor-made company structure specially formed for this purpose protects both your aircraft (in case your personal finances get in trouble) and also your other assets (in case an accident with the airplane occurs).
Selling or leasing out an aircraft owned by a separate entity reduces paperwork. If you sell the entity instead of the aircraft itself for example it would only be a matter transferring shares or membership to the new owner.
Add more advantages like no sales or use tax where the entity is registered and you will easily understand that it is beneficial to register an aircraft in the name of a company rather than your own name.
Asset protection, just like all major airlines use it for every plane they own is also available for you.

Versus disadvantages of aircraft registration in own name

Many plane owners still register an aircraft in their own name. This might be easy and simple to do, but imagine what happens to your assets when things go wrong! We all know air plane accidents occur seldom, but if they do, they most likely cause damages in the region of millions of Dollars.
In such an event your assets and your home are at risk and there is no protection against being sued personally.

Aircraft Registration via Futuramax

Should you be interested in our aircraft registration services (sorry, no commercial planes), feel free to contact us for a quote. We will need to know technical specifications (manufacturer, measurements, year built), in which area you intend to operate the plane, where it is currently registered and whether or not mortgages / finance is outstanding. We also need to know owners nationality and their country of residence.